b. 1997 Currently lives and works in Kingston, London.
Burlton’s practice invites the contemporary return of the hand in the digital age, where material manipulation has been replaced by simulations that leave the body feeling amputated. The physicality and tactility of her practice, which consists chiefly of painting whilst further crossing printmaking and ceramics, provides an antidote to the ubiquity of the screen in an increasingly intangible world.
Burlton’s paintings are further motivated by the potential of their material: oil on canvas. She surrenders authorial control in favour of chance and spontaneity, accepting but exploiting the qualities of the paint and its ground. Traces of accidents consequently juxtapose more deliberate mark making, invoking an investigation of gesture that finds its framework within the rich history of abstract expressionism.
Selected Exhibitions

2020 Wet Paint, Bowes-Paris Gallery x AUC ART, London (Group)
2020 Public Notice, Various Locations, London (Group)
2019 Bread, 121 Sydney Street, London (Group)
2019 Degree Show, The Stow, Glasgow (Group)
2018 Something Like That, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (Group)
2017 Something To Do With a Body, 110 Elderslie Street, Glasgow (Group)
2016 Series II, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow (Group)
2016 Once More From the Top, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (Group)
2016-2019 BA Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking, The Glasgow School of Art
2015-2016 Foundation Diploma in Fine Art, Central Saint Martins